Gianna had been out of town for a while and missed her hubby so much that she promised him anal on her return. She was wearing some damn delicious booty shorts when he picked her up and she even flashed her g-string for him in the parking lot. That got him pretty worked up!


When they arrived at the apartment she kept on teasing him, pretty cruel if you ask me! She wiggled her yummy butt in front of him before she smoked his large penis. Once again she took a break to tease him. He was tired of this now so he started to finger her butthole as a signal of what to come.


Shortly thereafter he was penetrating her brown hole with his large rod. First doggystyle then in cowgirl position. He hadn't fucked for a long while so he pulled out pretty fast and jizzed on her smiling face.


Watch the video from this scene here!


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